Admin Licenses

Amanda Enterprise Licenses

The Admin Licenses page provides a view for the list of Amanda feature licenses in the license file /etc/zmanda/zmanda_license. The Amanda licenses are counted based on the number of hosts protected. Amanda server is also a client and uses up a license.

Licensed Features Summary

The licensed feaures summary shows the number of licenses available for each feature (Licensed), number of licenses that have been used (Used), number of license remaining(Remaining), number of licenses close to expiring (Expiring) and number of licenses that have expired (Expired).


When the number of licenses remaining is less than 2, the number appears in red color. Expiring licenses warning can be controlled using License Warning preference in Admin Preferences page.

When feature licenses are used up, it is not possible to add any more DLEs of that type. If Amanda server license (Unix file system) expires, all backups will not be performed. So, it is important to renew licenses before the expiration date.

Zmanda team will contact you via email before the license expiration date.

Licenses Used

Licenses Used table shows how the licenses are used by various hosts and backup sets configured on the Amanda server.