Report Data integrity

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  1. 1. Backup image integrity report

Backup image integrity report

The Data Integrity page provides a tool to query and confirm that the backed up data has not been altered since it was backed up. Verifying the integrety of data is important when you move a backup image from the hard disk to save space, and then move it back online in preparation for restoring it. In all circumstances, verifying the backup image is recommended before restoring databases from it.


  • The left panel contains a Calender Control that allows Users to navigate to the Backup Date when the backup took place.
  • The right panel displays status and results of the verification process.


Clicking the Verify Data Integrity button starts the verification process. After you click the Verify Data Integrity button, the right panel shows the progress and result of the verification.



When you open the page, the Status panel displays a message 'No Task launched' until you click the Verify Data Integrity button. The message changes to Running after you click Verify Data Integrity. The verification process assumes that the backed up data is present in the same directory where it was originally backed up. If the data is not present, the verification fails.

Note that Quick Snapshot backups involve no backup images (just snapshots), and therefore cannot be verified.