Converting quick backups to standard backups

Convert Quick backups to Standard backups

This page displays any Quick (No-copy) backups that have been performed, allowing you to select and convert the quick snapshot to a standard ZRM backup stored on the ZRM server:


Quick snapshots and the reasons for converting them are described in Snapshots overview section. The Convert page is divided into two panels:

  • The left panel contains a Calender Control that let you select a backup by date and time to convert. Backups are displayed in the calendar as indicated by the legend. Quick full backups are only displayed.
  • The right panel displays the results of the verification process.

You can either enter the date (mm/dd/yy[yy]) and click Convert, or click on backup icon in the calendar. When you click Convert, ZRM for MySQL begins converting the backup for that date.

Clicking the Convert button starts the conversion. Status is displayed as described below. Note that once a quick snapshot has been successfully converted, it is no longer available for selection in the calendar.