File Locations

File Locations on ZRM Server

ZRM for MySQL files are installed in following directories:

ZRM Server File(s) Location
CLI Executables /usr/bin
Man pages /usr/share/man
GUI/Web Components /opt/zmanda/zrm
License key file /etc/zmanda/zmanda_license
Backup Set and other configuration files /etc/mysql-zrm/etc/cron.d/etc/logrotate.d
Plugin templates /usr/share/mysql-zrm/plugins
README files and other offline documentation /usr/share/doc/MySQL-zrm-enterprise-* or /usr/share/doc/mysql-zrm-enterprise
Libraries /usr/lib/mysql-zrm
Log files (including ssh-copy plugin output) /var/log/mysql-zrm/mysql-zrm.log
Backup images and catalog (default) /var/lib/mysql-zrm
Zmanda Management Console /opt/zmanda/zrm/opt/zmanda/common


File Locations on MySQL server


MySQL Server File(s) Location
Binary executables and scripts (Windows) C:\Program Files\Zmanda\Zmanda Client for Windows\bin
Log files Socket copy plugin output is logged to /var/log/mysql-zrm/socket-server.log on the client. There are other log files depending on the type of backup.

Caution: Do not directly delete or change any of these files or directories unless directed to do so by the Zmanda Support Team. Changing any of these files directly can result in failed backups and other problems.