Project:Zmanda Recovery Manager for MySQL & MariaDB 3.9

Getting Started with ZRM for MySQL & MariaDB

There are two kinds of administrators: those who read the manuals before installing a new piece of software, and those who don't. With ZRM Enterprise, the second approach often works: the Zmanda defaults assume the most common OS and device configurations, and once installed correctly, backups are very easy to schedule and monitor.

But as with any client/server application that interacts with different programs running on multiple OS platforms, these assumptions can not be correct in all cases. So if you are the type that doesn't read the manual, come back to this page in case you do run into problems.

Verifying ZRM Enterprise System and Environmental Requirements

Almost all failed installations or problems with backups fall into two categories:

  • The ZRM Enterprise server or one of its clients does not meet the system requirements which include package dependencies.
  • The ZRM Enterprise defaults do not match the local configuration, meaning one or both must be changed.

To avoid these problems, read the ZRM Enterprise 3.9 system requirements.

If you are upgrading from ZRM Enterprise 3.8, please see ZRM Enterprise 3.9 Release Notes.

Installing the Correct ZRM Enterprise Components and Licenses

If you intend to run the ZRM Enterprise backup server (referred to as the ZRM server) on the same machine as the file systems being backed up, this is simple: just choose the appropriate binary distribution from the Zmanda network downloads page, install 3.9 using the installer *run file that matches your architecture, then download and install the license key.  If you intend to run a ZRM server to back up one or more remote hosts, multiple installations on the MySQL servers are required.

These procedures are detailed in Downloading and Installing ZRM Enterprise Components.

ZRM Enterprise 3.9 Documentation

Comprehensive and detailed manuals cover both the GUI console (called the Zmanda Console Manager or ZMC) and command line interfaces to ZRM Enterprise. The man pages are also installed along with the ZRM server.

ZRM Enterprise 3.9 Release Notes 

Zmanda Management Console Users Manual        Printable PDF 

MySQL Backups for IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) 

MySQL Backups for Symantec NetBackup 

Trademark Notices

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For information on Zmanda Management Console accessibility, please see the Zmanda ADA Section 508 Compliance page.