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Testing the amanda backup server config against a client using (amcheck)

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Using amcheck to test the amanda backup server config against a client:
1. amcheck DailySet #runs a number of self-checks on both the backup server and the client hosts in the disklist file

-bash-3.00$ amcheck tapetwo
Amanda Tape Server Host Check
Holding disk /var/lib/amanda/holdings: 1514472 KB disk space available, that's plenty
slot 13: read label `WeeklyTape-03', date `X'
NOTE: skipping tape-writable test
Tape WeeklyTape-03 label ok
Server check took 8.993 seconds
Amanda Backup Client Hosts Check
Client check: 1 host checked in 0.361 seconds, 0 problems found
(brought to you by Amanda 2.5.0)