Common Functionality

Controls Common to Most Pages

Most pages in ZMC have some common controls grouped together at the top of the page. For example, the common controls present on both the Backup What and Backup What Edit pages is shown below: Common Controls

Toolbar Icons

Five Icons

Box 1 Beginning with the shopping cart icon, the five icons grouped in Box 1 link to various Zmanda forums.
  • Shopping Cart Icon, the first icon from the left, lets you purchase Amanda enterprise subscriptions.
  • Writing Book Icon, the second icon from left, takes you to the Amanda wiki, a rich source of information on all aspects of Amanda.
  • Bulletin Board Icon, the icon in the middle, links to the Zmanda forums.
  • Bulb icon with Z, the fourth icon, links to the Zmanda network login page.
  • Home Icon links to the home page of Zmanda Inc.

About|User Guide|Feedback

About, User Guide, and Feedback links

  • About link displays which version of ZMC is running.
  • User Guide link brings the User to the Table of Contents of this guide.
  • Feedback link takes you to a form on the Zmanda web site that lets you comment on the product and its documentation. These comments are used by Zmanda Engineering in planning enhancements for subsequent releases of the product.

Navigation Tabs

The navigation tabs in Box 3 let you quickly move to the appropriate page.

Navigation Tabs
  • The Backup tab is used to configure a backup set.
  • The Monitor tab is used to monitor a backup run.
  • The Report tab is used to generate reports about the backup.
  • The Admin tab is used to create Users with different privileges.
  • The Restore tab is used to restore files in the backup set.

Admin/Log Out

Box 4 These two items are enclosed in Box 4 above.

Admin/Log Out

  • admin links to the Admin page, which lets you manage users and backup sets, and set preferences.
  • Log Out link logs you out of the ZMC.

Question Mark Icon

Question Mark

Box 5 Clicking the Question Mark icon in Box 5 links to the context sensitive topic of the User Guide.

Change Backup Set

Change Backup Set

Box 6 This drop down box is enclosed in Box 6 above.

This allows you to display a different backup set from the drop down list.

View All Events

View All

Box 7 TView All Events in Box 7 links to the Event log page, where you can view all the logs generated by Backup Events or alerts from the Zmanda forums. For more detailed information, see the Event log page.

Alert Box

Alert Box

Box 8 The three icons in the Box 8 enclose the functionality associated with an Alert Box.
  • The question mark icon takes Users to this Guide on the Alert Box page.
  • Clicking the Alert Box icon opens the Alert Box where alerts from Zmanda network are displayed in brief. Alert Box is detailed here.
  • Clicking the last icon takes the Users to Event log page.

Message Box Area

Box 9 encloses the Message Box area.
  • It is normally a thin box like in the image above.
  • However, it expands when error/warning messages are to be displayed as is shown below.

Message Box Area Expanded

Tool Tips

Hovering the cursor over any control displays a tool tip that gives a brief description.

Tool Tips