Timeline Reports


The Report Timeline tab provides a timeline view of the backup objects/DLEs in the backup set. Note that the most recently completed backup run is not listed here; for the status of the last completed run, see the Monitor tab.

Report Timeline Page Overview


The Report Timeline page displays the backup level and progress of previous backup runs, organized by backup object/DLE. The display uses the same legends that the Monitor page would use for backups currently in progress.

  • The left panel displays the calender controls (No. 2 above) and a Legend (No. 3 above).
  • The right panel displays color-coded progress bars that report how the backup process happened for each Backup Object/ DLE from the backup set . Hovering the cursor over a progress bar displays a tooltip with details such as duration or amount of data transferred during that phase. As with all Report tab pages, a control at the top (the Calendar Turner) lets you change the date that is displayed.

Date and Legend Panel

The Report Timeline page opens with the current month selected for display. Use the Calendar controls to change as desired.

Date and Calender Controls

The top portion consists of a Backup Date input box along with a Go button. Clicking Go displays the given date in the Calandar. The input box accepts dates in both mm/dd/yyyy and mm/dd/yy formats.

The Calendar control at the bottom of the panel works the same as it does for the Summary Report

Report Timeline Panel

The report shows how the backup progressed for each backup object/DLE in the backup set on that date.  The following details are displayed in columns. A detailed explanation of these items is found here in Monitor pages of the User Guide.

Report Navigation

The Report Timeline panel includes a Calender turner control. Click either of the two inner single arrows to move backwards and forwards, one day at a time.

Click either of the outer two arrows to move back and forth by a week (seven days) at a time.