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Amanda Enterprise VMware Patch

Amanda Enterprise VMware patch is a patch release that provides bug fixes for VMware ESX application agent. This patch must be installed on the Amanda backup server.

All Amanda VMware 3.1.5 users are recommended to install this patch. This patch replaces Amanda Enterprise VMware Patch

It is important to read Amanda 3.1.x release notes and Amanda VMware 3.1 documentation because this release is a patch to Amanda Enterprise 3.1.5

Newer versions of VMware API libraries and tools are also available. These dependencies are required on the Amanda server.

  • VMware VDDK 1.2.1 is available in the Zmanda Network. Please download it and install it on the Amanda backup server.
  • VMware Perl CLIs 1.4.1 has to be downloaded from VMware site (VMware registration is required).

Patch installation procedure

Note:  Amanda backup or restoration should not be in progress.

  1. Download the tar ball amanda-enterprise-vmware- from Zmanda Network to Amanda backup server.
  2. Extract the tar ball into a temporary directory.
  3. Change to the patch directory.
  4. Change permissions for  chmod +x
  5. Run ./
  6. Please perform full backup of the Virtual machines after installing the patch.

Changes in the patch

  • Support for vCenter backups and recovery. Please check the documentation for restrictions.
  • VMware Change Block Tracking for guest VM disks are automatically enabled when ZMC configuration check is performed.
  • Handle back ups of virtual machines which have data in multiple data stores.
  • Guest VM name must be the Display Name of the VM in the ZMC Backup What page. Without this patch, it used to the name of the data storage files on the ESX server.
  • Better checks for VMware independent disks.
  • Handles non-alphanumeric characters in ESX user passwords correctly.
  • Allows for restoration back to original location in the ZMC.
  • Restoration to VMware ESX 4.1 server works.
  • Backups cannot be restored to the Amanda server. This is no longer supported.
  • The original guest VM name can be a substring of the new VM name (name of the VM being restored to).
  • Better error handling in the VMware application agent.
  • Checks for unlicensed versions of VMware during configuration check. VMware backup APIs require licensed versions of VMware ESX. 
  • Improved error logging in case of failures.