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Restore Tab



  • The main functionality of the Restore Tab is to provide a convenient three step process to Restore data of a Backup Set .

Restore Tab

  • 1. Click on the Restore Tab to open it.
  • 2. The Restore Tab opens on the Restore What Sub-Task.
 Fig 1. Restore Page

Restore Sub-Tasks

  • There are three sub- tasks of Restore as shown below
 Fig 2. Restore Sub Tasks
    • These are

Restore What

  • The Restore What page allows users to select directories and files to restore from a backup made on a particular date/ time.

Restore Where

  • The Restore Where page allows users to specifies the directory on which the restored files could be kept on .
  • Conflicts between existing files and restored files that need to be initially sorted out are also specified here.

Run the Restore process

  • The Run restore page actually runs the restore process from and get status information as the process happens.