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  • The Verify Server page goes far beyond checks carried out on End to end Test Page.
  • Those checks are independent of any Backup Set configuration that Users have done.
  • Verify Server checks that the Amanda server is configured correctly in the Backup Set configuration .

Verify Server Page Overview

Fig. 1 Overview Verify Server

  • Like all other functional pages of ZMC, the Verify Server page has its main functionality in the center, while other common-to-most-pages functionalities are grouped at the top of the page.
  • Explanation of common functionalities enclosed in a light blue rectangle at top in Fig 1 can be found on Common Functionality page.
  • In the image above,the main functionality area is enclosed in the lower Navy Blue rectangle.

Verify Server Page Main Functionality

  • The main functionality of the Verify Server page is to allow users to check out that the Amanda server configuration in a Backup Set.
  • Run Verify Server whenever you configure or change a Backup Set. configuration.
  • Do this specially if the change was on Backup Where /Holding Disk pages.

Procedure to Verify Server

Fig. 2 Verifying Server

  • Click the Verify Server Button (labeled No 1 above).
  • The text in Upper Right Hand rectangle (labeled No 2 above) will change to indicate that the Server Verification process has started.

Fig. 3 Progress Verifying Server

  • Further progress messages/ warnings /error messages will appear in Rectangle 3 .

Success Message

  • Success has the following message:

Fig. 4 Success Verifying Server

Clear Output

  • To clear old messages, click the Clear Output hyper link present at Upper Right Hand corner in Rectangle 2.
  • Clicking it will restore the page to a initial clean status from where the Verify server test can be re-run.

Move to...

  • On success, users should go to Verify Client page that is on the next tab.
  • It is strongly recommended that they Verify the clients also to ensure that the new/changed configuration is workable.