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Verify Tab

Table of contents
  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. Verify Tab Sub-Tasks



  • The main functionality of the Verify Tab is to pre-check that the proposed configuration of the Backup set is feasible.
  • It also provides the functionality of post-checking the data of the Backup set already run.
  • The functionality is provided by the five sub-tasks under it.

Verify Tab Sub-Tasks

  • 1. Click on the Verify Tab to view the Verify page.
  • 2. The Verify Tab shows five main sub-tasks under it for verifying different items of ZMC including the configured Backup Set .

Fig1. Verify Sub-Tasks

    • 1.Verify that installation of ZMC and Amanda has been properly done on the server and that the requisite directories/sub-directories have been created and populated with files as needed.
    • 2.End to end test generates a sample data file and does a complete cycle of backup and restore on the server for that file.
    • 3.Verify that Amanda's server has been properly configured for ZMC's use.
    • 4.Verify that individual client information including directories that need to be backed up are correct.
      • A drop down box allows users to choose the client/all clients that users wants to verify.
    • 5.Verify Data allows users to specify either a date or a tape label for verifying the backup already done on it.
  • Verification does not imply that the configuration is optimal.