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Verify Configuration

Table of contents
  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. Procedure
  3. 3. Success


  • All the Verify pages are structured in a similar fashion to each other.
  • End to end test page allows the user to conduct an important test in the backup set configuration process.
  • End to end test does a quick test of Amanda server and client by creating a "test" backup set.
    • The test backup set contains a file in the local machine that is backed up to a local disk
    • It does complete backup, restoration and compare of the restored file contents
  • This action must be used
    • when new Amanda server software is installed or software is upgraded
    • when the distribution/OS is upgraded.
  • This action is not specific to a given backup set.

Fig. 1 Verify End to end test


  • Click the "Perform Test" Button (labeled No 1 above) when ready to proceed.
  • The text in upper right hand rectangle (No 2 above) will change to indicate that the Configuration Verification process has started.

Fig. 2 Progress Verifying Configuration

  • Further progress messages/ error messages will appear in rectangle 3 .


  • Success has the following message:

Fig.3 Success Verifying Configuration

Success implies that it is technically feasible to backup data using the amanda installation.
Nothing is implied that this is an optimal way to organize user's  backup needs.