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Verify Clients


  • A Backup Set backup set could have more than one client from which data is to be backed up.
  • The Verify Client page allows users to check the Backup set configuration as it relates to the Clients.

Verify Client Page Overview

Fig. 1 Overview Verify Client

  • Explanation of common functionalities enclosed in a light blue rectangle at top in Fig 1 can be found on Common Functionality page.
  • In the image above,the main functionality area is enclosed in the lower Navy Blue rectangle.

Verify Client Page Main Functionality

  • The main functionality of the Verify Client page is to allow users to check out that the Client configuration in a Backup Set.
  • Run Verify Client whenever you configure or change a Backup Set. configuration.
  • It is recommended to run the Client Verification after any change to the Backup What list.

Procedure to Verify Clients

Fig. 2 Verify Client

  • The Verify Client page has one additional feature compared to other Verify pages.
  • It has an additional drop down box (labeled No 1 above) that allows the user to select :
    • All the Client Hosts that has been specified on the Backup What page.
      • This is option is at the bottom of the drop down list.
    • Or select a single Client Host from the drop down list.
    • To verify two or more Client Hosts, users will have to chose them one after the other and conduct separate tests for each of them.
  • Select either 'All' clients or any one of them to Verify from drop down box No 1.
  • Click the Verify Client Button (No 2 above).
  • The text in upper right hand rectangle (No 3 above) will change to indicate that the Client Verification process has started.

Fig. 3 Progress Verifying Client

  • Further Progress messages/ error messages will appear in area No 4 .

Examples of Error Messages

  • ZMC's checks on a Client Host can give rise to a wide variety of error messages!

Fig. 4 Failure Verifying Client

  • The error messages are verbose to help users to determine what caused the error.
  • Here the Host name specified in the Backup What page (though valid in terms of formatting rules) does not correspond to any entry in the Domain Name Server.
  • Hence DNS cannot provide any IP address for the next step of checking to begin.
    • Go back to the Backup What page and correct the entry so that it corresponds to a DNS name.
    • Come back to this page and verify the Amanda client without having to go through the previous successful checks.
  • Verification messages may have hyper links (selfcheck request failed in this example).
  • Clicking on the hyper link will provide additional information about the message from Zmanda Network Knowledgebase or the Amanda wiki.

Precautions to prevent errors

  • The Amanda user must have root access on the Amanda server and all the client hosts that it is expected to backup.
  • The Amanda client software must be installed on each client separately.
    • If these tasks have not been carried out, Verify client will give users verbose error messages when verifying the client.

Success Messages

  • Success has the following message:

Fig. 5 Success Verifying Client

  • Please successfully verify all the clients before activating the Backup Set.

Clear Output

  • To clear old messages, click the Clear Output hyper link present at Upper Right Hand corner in Rectangle 2.
  • Clicking it will restore the page to a initial clean status from where the Verify server test can be re-run.

Move to...

  • On success, users should go to Backup Activate page.