Admin Tab

Table of contents
  1. 1. Admin Tab
    1. 1.1. Introduction
    2. 1.2. Admin Sub Tasks

Admin Tab


The Admin Tab lets you:

  • Create Users and assign passwords to them
  • View, Duplicate, Edit and Delete Backup Sets
  • Configure backup devices such virtual disks, tape drives, and changers
  • Set user preferences.

Click on the Admin Tab to open it. At least one backup set must be created for the Admin Tab to be accessible.

 The Admin tab opens on the User Management Sub-Task page.

Admin Sub Tasks

The Admin tab has four sub-tasks under it:

 admin sub tabs.png

User Management allows you to to register users with the Zmanda Network.
Backup Sets lets you View, Duplicate, Edit or Delete backup sets.

Devices lets you configure backup devices such as tape, virtual tape, changers, and Amazon S3 storage.
Preferences lets you set default system behavior and other options.