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Report Tab



  • The main functionality of the Report Tab is to provide a convenient way to look at Backup Reports on the screen of a Backup set.
  • While Reports are mailed to the user when the backup is executed, the page allows you to view Reports across any past month of your choice.

Report Tab

  • 1. Click on the Report Tab to open it.
  • 2. The Report Tab opens on the Summary sub-task.
 Fig 1. Report Page

Report Sub-Tasks

  • There are four sub- tasks of Report as shown below
 Fig 2. Report Sub tasks
  • These Sub-Tasks are:
    • Summary Reports
      • The Summary page shows whether the Backup was error free, had warnings or had errors.
      • It also shows if the warnings or errors were single or multiple.
    • Timeline /Monitor Chart Reports
      • These reports allow users to see how old backup runs had progressed.
    • Media Reports
      • The Media sub task shows what Media was used and whether it was full or partial.
    • Data Reports
      • The Data page shows a summary of backup in the form of a list of clients and their directories that were backed up.
      • For each Disk List Entry (Host/Directory combination specified in Backup What page), it shows whether the backup was full or incremental and whether it was error free, with warnings or was with errors.

Calender Control

  • The Calender Control in the left panel in Fig. 1 above controls the data that the four sub tasks display.