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Verify Data


  • All the Verify pages are structured in a similar fashion to each other.
  • Verify Data page has just one addition compared to other Verify pages.
  • It has an additional Radio Button option that allows the user to chose to verify:
    • By Date
    • By Tape Label

Fig.1 Verifying Data

  • Selecting either of the two options and pressing the Go Button changes the GUI.


On choosing 'By Date' option the GUI opens to a page with the Calender control in left hand panel.

Calender control

  • The GUI shows a Calender control to help choose a date.

Fig.2  Verify By Date

  • The Calender Control has enhanced features compared to usual such controls.
  • The current Date is shown as surrounded by a blue rectangle. In the Fig 2 above, Feb 26th is shown in such a way.
  • That does not mean that date has been selected.
  • To select a Date users have click the Date itself.
  • Clicking within the box will not select the date.
  • As you will come near the date in the rectangle, it will display an underscore sign (hyper link present indication).
  • Click then.
  • The Date Rectangle's color changes to a yellow-orange color to reflect that the hyper link has been visited.

Fig.3 Date Selected

  • Fig 3 shows 15th Feb. as having been selected.
    • All dates that were previously selected also continue to show by their color the previous selection .
  • All dates on which a backup has been run will display the Report Summary legend within themselves.
  • In Fig 2 above the Date 26th Feb shows that on that day a single Backup has been taken and it had some warnings.
  • The Legends that Report Summary uses are shown below:

Fig 4 Report Summary Legends

Verify By Date

  • Select a Date and go ahead by clicking the Verify Data Button.
  • Go Back by clicking the Back Button.

Verify By Tape Label

  • The GUI shows a Drop Down box from where users can pick a Tape label.

Fig.5  Verify By Tape label

  • Select a Tape Label and click the Data Verify Button to go ahead.
  • Go Back by clicking the Back Button.

In verify by Date,all the Tapes of Backup Set of selected date get verified.
In verify by Tape label, only a particular tape will get verified.
If the Backup Image exceeds one tape, users  may want to verify all of them (optional).
Tape(s) should be in the tape device before the verification can happen.

  • The text in upper right hand rectangle (No 3) will change to indicate that the Data Verification process has started.
    • Click the hyper link 'here' to see further progress.
  • Further progress messages/ error messages will appear in area 4 .
  • Even if there is no tape device attached, or the Tape has not been inserted at all, ZMC will wait for the time outs to be over before reporting the failure.
  • ZMC gives different types of error messages that originate from the Tape device.
  • If a verification task is already in progress, a second data verification task cannot be started for the same backup set.
  • If this is done the following error message is displayed.

Fig.6  Error Message


  • One Example is given below:

Fig.7 Success Message 2

  • The error messages are verbose to make it easy to determine what the error was.
  • Here, on the Date selected, Media has been successfully verified.