ZMC Navigation



  • ZMC implements a simple way to accomplish the tasks that users want to carry out.
    • Related tasks are grouped under six Tabs, all of which are always visible.
    • Most Tasks are accomplished under a single Tab where sub-task sequence is left to right.
    • All the sub-tasks are also laid out in form of tabs.

Main Tabs

Fig1. Six Main Tabs

  • 1. The Backup Tab is used to configure a Backup Set.
  • 2. The Verify Tab is used to verify key aspects of the Backup Set configuration.
  • 3. The Monitor Tab is used to monitor a backup run.
  • 4. The Report Tab is used to generate reports about the backup.
  • 5. The Admin. Tab is used to create Users with different privileges.
  • 6. The Restore Tab is used to restore files in the Backup Set .

Occasional unexpected navigation

  • ZMC normally will properly handle situations where users hit the enter button without selecting anything.
  • The page will either display a message that includes the type of data that the user has forgotten to enter.
  • Or it will take you to the appropriate page.
  • Occasionally, the browser you are using will over-ride the default behavior built in and you will be taken to a page that is not what you had in mind.
    • Just hit the back button of the browser to come back and fill the values before hitting the enter button.

When you refresh a page after a POST operation, browsers may open a dialog asking you if you want to repeat the operation.
If the user clicks OK ... the operation is repeated with unexpected results!
Please chose "Cancel' option rather than 'OK' option.